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Russia daole


service advantage:

1、The competitive price is calculated per hundred grams.

2、Safe, fast and timely delivery.

3、Can be made with electricity items (shipped from Dongguan)

4、Can be sent to all countries of the customs union.

5、80% of the goods over 7-12 days can be sent to the Russian region.

6、The delivery of remote cities requires 18 natural days (except for special weather, major holidays, political factors, etc.).

7、We will be timely and high quality delivery to the recipient's hands.

Service Brief:
Russia DAOLE products to music logistics to meet the needs of our customers delivery, and CDEK and other companies to develop the Russian international green logistics services.

Covering the regional network:
Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia;

Service Content:

China - Russia (customs union country)

ü Library to library

ü Library to the door

ü Library from the suitcase

Russia - China (customs union country)

ü Library to library

ü Door to door

ü Library to the door

ü Door to the library


Customer docking process:



1、Listen to customer requirements, do a good job of communication records。

2、Registration information: name, quantity, sender and sender name / address / contact information, item value and freight。

3、Quickly give logistics solutions。

4、And customer confirmation program。


Russian logistics delivery requirements:

The actual weight of the cargo does not exceed 35 kg

If the sum of the sides is not more than 75 cm, the freight rate is calculated on the basis of the actual weight. If the sum of the sides exceeds 75 cm, the freight rate is calculated by volume weight. (L * W * H) / 5000 = Weight

The total number of pieces can not exceed 3 (the number of mobile phones does not exceed 1!)

The declared value can not exceed 1000 euros (about 7,000 yuan)

Do not send dangerous / embargoed goods

Mandatory details must be filled in

Russian logistics wholesale requirements:

Wholesale goods are more than 50% of the total amount of goods

The goods need to be provided on the day of shipment (bill of lading number, item name, total quantity, total weight, 1 photo)

Russian logistics information telephone number writing requirements:

The phone number should be written 10 digits!

Model is: 9144976222 Do not write another symbol "+", "/", "-" and so on. Do not write "7" and "8" numbers at the beginning。

If you have two numbers above, between the two numbers to use a semicolon ";" separated: 9231010123; 9213014578

If the logistics phone number is not written, courier can not get through. Can not get the cost of storage, and customers are not satisfied with our work。

First need to check the customer to provide you with the phone number, according to the model to enter。