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1、Listen to the reasons and requirements of the customer's claims, record the relevant information (waybill number, name, value, whether the insured, freight, send and receive information, delay / loss / damage, sign the situation)。
2、Check the verification: contact to verify the status of the shipment (whether the exception is abnormal, express damage / damage to the extent of whether the standard delivery, customer receipt is abnormal)。
3、Negotiation reply: within 1 hour to respond to customers, inform the customer to deal with the state and consultation with customers, within 12 hours of claims program.
Express loss, loss (not including documents) ---- compensation is not more than 300 yuan (no insured) plus freight;
Express loss, loss (not including documents) ----- compensation in accordance with the insured price (with the price of) plus freight, monthly customer deduction directly。
Express loss, loss (file) ------ compensation fee of not more than 50 yuan plus freight。