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  • 1、DAOLE International logistics development process
  • Shanghai DAOLE Logistics Co., Ltd. in April 2, 2011 in Shanghai Qingpu District was established。
  • In February 2012, the first regional office was established in Huangtian, Shenzhen, which greatly increased the direction and quantity of domestic and international logistics and attracted customers who became our fixed partners in the future.。
  • May 2012 in Suifenhe City opened the first port office, the same year in July in Urumqi, Xinjiang opened the first two border offices。
  • January 2013 for Shanghai DAOLE Logistics Co., Ltd. is a breakthrough year, DAOLE companies with the development of business volume of electricity changed its name to Shanghai DAOLE International Logistics Co., Ltd.. And under a investment management company, two domestic logistics companies。
  • The company currently has international logistics, domestic logistics two plates, own vehicles more than 70 vehicles, the total number of employees about 110 people, with four offices, one in Shenzhen Huangtian, one in Humen Town, Dongguan, one in Shanghai Qingpu District , One in Nanping Town, Jiaxing City. More than 300 customers such as: Han are clothing, Jiangnan commoner, seven grid, pass crazy, selling crazy, China Resources and so on.。

    2、DAOLE international logistics company's mission and development strategy:

  • Our mission:
  • We strive to innovate for the benefit of our clients. We provide timely and assured delivery services to individuals and enterprises, continuously provide service levels, introduce technology, make full use of and play internal and external potential。

  • Development strategy:
  • To become a global network of entities based on the customer online service online, offline experience of the international modern integrated logistics company。


    3、DAOLE of the international logistics company values:

  • Customer: We value our customers, to meet customer requirements and work。
  • Talent: to attract the work of the initiative and creativity of the talent to join the company. Constantly improve the team's professional level, the contribution of each person to give a high evaluation。
  • Quality: world-class quality. Our responsibilities include the completion of all of our business, and continuously improve the quality of service, thereby enhancing our value for customers。
  • Team: mutual respect; this is our team's relationship. We are a team that aims to achieve common goals and is unified for the company's reputation。
  • Reputation: the company won the international reputation。
  • Development: development for us is constantly discover new ideas, in practice to achieve the best ideas. Through the development and introduction of new technologies, and continuously improve the level of service。